Quicktint instantly covers regrowth between regular color applications. It’s quick, and it’s easy! It can even blend in dark roots on blondes.


No mixing, no waiting! Just apply, and comb through. You’re good to go, with perfect, fresh-looking color!


You can walk in the rain, jump in the pool, or work up a sweat! Quicktint stays put!


Quicktint looks and feels completely natural. It isn’t stiff or greasy, it doesn’t clump, and its built-in applicator makes it mess-free and convenient to use.…

Who We Are

QuickTint is the result of the collaboration or two respected beauty experts, Rita Starnella and Corrado di Genova. They recognized an important need in the marketplace and used their combined talent, knowledge and experience to develop this optimal product.

Rita Starnella

is a very talented, highly-regarded colorist on Madison Avenue, in New York City. Rita has worked in the Vidal Sasoon Salon in San Fransisco, has been a head colorist at Louis Licari in New York City, and became Color Director at Kim Lepine (also in New York City). She was the key person in the development of hair product lines for LaCoupe and Kim Lepine. Her editorials have appeared in Vogue, Bazaar, Allure, Town and Country, Self, Seventeen, New York Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s World, Family Circle, and many others.

Corrado di Genova

is one of the most respected voices in the Beauty Industry, consulting for such companies as Christian Dior, Prescriptive International, Prestige Cosmetics, Graham Webb, Neutrogena, and others. His most recent achievements have included the development of the complete cosmetic lines for Neutrogena, Graham Webb (their Bibo line is sold exclusively through beauty salons), and Prestige Cosmetics, which is successfully sold on five continents.…

For Men

QuickTint is great for men, too!

For many men, especially executives, it’s crucial that nobody knows that they color their hair. That’s why it’s especially important for them to be prepared at all times. White roots can peek through at the most unexpected times (just before a meeting, after just a few days on vacation…) Yikes! That can be embarrassing!

No problem with QuickTint

QuickTint is no bigger than a pen. You can carry it around for emergencies wherever you go! Simply apply very little QuickTint to the small comb, and comb through those tell-tale roots. Nobody will be the wiser! For facial hair (beard, mustache, even eyebrows), apply (again, very little) QuickTint to the small comb and comb through facial hair.

Salt and pepper hair

Salt and pepper hair looks great on men, but sometimes a little more pepper and a little less salt can make you look younger, more vibrant. Simply apply a very little Medium Ash Brown or Dark Brown QuickTint to the small comb, and comb through selected strands where you would like your hair to appear darker. Doing very small strands works best.…


Quicktint comes in a convenient “click-pen” applicator. You simply twist the end of the pen to load the brush with color, then apply the product sparingly (a little goes a long way) to the roots wherever they are most visible – at your hairline, in your part, or at the temples (fading). Then make sure to comb through with the small comb/brush supplied. Style as usual. Some find it easier to apply QuickTint to still-wet hair, but you can apply it to dry hair.

Salt & Pepper hair looks great, but sometimes a little more pepper and a bit less salt can make you look younger, more vibrant. Simply apply very little Medium Ash Brown or Dark Brown QuickTint to the small comb, and comb through selected strands where you would like your hair to appear darker. Doing very small strands works best.

Preferred Method

Alternately, QuickTint can be applied to the small comb supplied, and then combed through the roots. This method is easier to control and produces cleaner, faster, easier results.

Application Tips

For best results use a very very small amount of product at a time, and add more as needed.

You must comb through. Even if you apply QuickTint directly to the hair, you must comb it through, as this is what makes the product adhere to the hair. We find it easier and cleaner to apply QuickTint to the small comb provided, and then comb it through the roots.

Wet hair or dry hair. It’s up to you! Some people find it easier to apply QuickTint to wet hair, but you can also apply it to dry hair, before or after you style it.

Lift hair from roots. LIFTING hair from the roots when applying color will avoid getting any color on the scalp or forehead. If color does get on skin, simply remove with oil

Clean the brush with eye makeup remover, a make-up wipe, or any oil (we like olive) after every use. That will keep your QuickTint working perfectly. If the brush does become stiff after a period of non-use, clean with oil.…

Color Finder


There are ten (10) gorgeous, glossy natural shades to choose from, so you’ll have no problem choosing one that’s right for you. Remember, you don’t have to match your hair color exactly. Natural hair has many color variations. As long as the shade you are using is somewhat close to your own hair color, it will magically blend in.

PALE ASH BLONDE the lightest Blond shade will definitely cover White roots, but will also blend in darker roots

MEDIUM REDDISH BROWN Medium brown with reddish tones, also works well on Medium Brown to Dark Brown hair. It’s a bit softer than Dark Brown

STRAWBERRY BLONDE Blond with reddish tones

DARK BROWN lush, velvety Dark Brown is beautiful on very dark hair, a bit softer than Rich Black

GOLDEN BLONDE a real warm Blond shade.

COPPER vibrant, glamorous

MEDIUM ASH BROWN Medium Brown with ash tones

AUBURN a rich, beautiful deep shade

MEDIUM GOLDEN BROWN Medium Brown with golden tones

RICH BLACK a luxurious, natural-looking Black…


What is QuickTint?

QuickTint is a waterproof, instant hair root touch-up. It covers your roots until you can get to your next hair color appointment.

How long does QuickTint last?

QuickTint is temporary, but can last through
one or several shampoos.

Will QuickTint rub off or flake?

QuickTint won’t flake or rub off. Its exclusive, patended technology makes it bond to the hair.

Will QuickTint come off in the rain? What if I go swimming?

QuickTint is a waterproof, so you can jump in that pool, or enjoy a walk in the rain. It won’t budge!

What about doing sports?

Even heavy perspiration will not make QuickTint drip or rub off on towels. You can play sports with confidence.

What if my QuickTint color doesn’t exactly match my hair? Will it show?

Natural hair has many color variations. You don’t need to have an exact match. Just apply the shade closest to your hair color, and it will magically blend in.

Can I color my hair over QuickTint?

QuickTint should be removed before coloring your hair.

How do I remove QuickTint?

QuickTint can be removed with any oil (we like olive oil) followed by shampoo.

What if I get QuickTint on my skin?

QuickTint can be removed from skin with eye make-up remover, or any oil. Make-Up wipes work well too.

Can I brush my hair after using QuickTint?

If you apply QuickTint to wet hair, you can blow-dry it and/or style as usual. If you apply QuickTint to dry hair, you can brush it after just 30 – 40 seconds.

Can I use styling products when I use QuickTint?

Ideally, styling products can be used as usual 30 – 40 seconds after applying QuickTint. If your hair has already been styled, QuickTint may be applied over the styling products.

What if I have dark roots?

QuickTint works best on white or mixed-color roots, but will help blend in dark roots if they are short
(less than 2 month’s growth).

Can I use QuickTint on my eyebrows?

Yes. All QuickTint colors are approved for use around the eyes, so it can be used on the eyebrows. QuickTint should not be used on eyelashes.

How long does a QuickTint pen last?

Since you use very little at a time, it usually lasts for six months or more. It’s important, however, to clean the brush after every use.…

When You Use It

Use Quicktint between regular color applications, whenever your roots begin to show (usually after 3 weeks – for some, after just one week!). Instantly cover your roots wherever they are visible: at your hairline, your part, or where the color fades at the temples.


Unless you’re a movie star, or you’re lucky enough to have your hair colored every week, your roots are going to show! Moreover, after even just a few days, many experiences fading at the temples. It makes you look dull, dull, dull!

Whether you’re an executive or a busy mom, you can’t always run to the colorist every time your roots start showing, but you hate it when they start peeking through. What to do? NO PROBLEM! Just whip out your QuickTint, comb through, and Presto! No more roots! Nobody even has to know you have …er,… those!
In just a few seconds, you can keep your color looking perfect until you can get to your next color appointment.

Great when you travel! If you’re going on a trip for more than a few days, chances are your roots will start showing before you get back home and in to see your colorist. Quicktint is no bigger than a lipstick, and fits right in your purse. You can even hide your roots secretly in the bathroom! Nobody has to know!

At the beach, the sun and salt water feel wonderful, but they can sure make your hair look dull and faded. Not anymore! With Quicktint, you can keep your clothing wrinkle-free!…