Quicktint comes in a convenient “click-pen” applicator. You simply twist the end of the pen to load the brush with color, then apply the product sparingly (a little goes a long way) to the roots wherever they are most visible – at your hairline, in your part, or at the temples (fading). Then make sure to comb through with the small comb/brush supplied. Style as usual. Some find it easier to apply QuickTint to still-wet hair, but you can apply it to dry hair.

Salt & Pepper hair looks great, but sometimes a little more pepper and a bit less salt can make you look younger, more vibrant. Simply apply very little Medium Ash Brown or Dark Brown QuickTint to the small comb, and comb through selected strands where you would like your hair to appear darker. Doing very small strands works best.

Preferred Method

Alternately, QuickTint can be applied to the small comb supplied, and then combed through the roots. This method is easier to control and produces cleaner, faster, easier results.

Application Tips

For best results use a very very small amount of product at a time, and add more as needed.

You must comb through. Even if you apply QuickTint directly to the hair, you must comb it through, as this is what makes the product adhere to the hair. We find it easier and cleaner to apply QuickTint to the small comb provided, and then comb it through the roots.

Wet hair or dry hair. It’s up to you! Some people find it easier to apply QuickTint to wet hair, but you can also apply it to dry hair, before or after you style it.

Lift hair from roots. LIFTING hair from the roots when applying color will avoid getting any color on the scalp or forehead. If color does get on skin, simply remove with oil

Clean the brush with eye makeup remover, a make-up wipe, or any oil (we like olive) after every use. That will keep your QuickTint working perfectly. If the brush does become stiff after a period of non-use, clean with oil.

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