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There are ten (10) gorgeous, glossy natural shades to choose from, so you’ll have no problem choosing one that’s right for you. Remember, you don’t have to match your hair color exactly. Natural hair has many color variations. As long as the shade you are using is somewhat close to your own hair color, it will magically blend in.

PALE ASH BLONDE the lightest Blond shade will definitely cover White roots, but will also blend in darker roots

MEDIUM REDDISH BROWN Medium brown with reddish tones, also works well on Medium Brown to Dark Brown hair. It’s a bit softer than Dark Brown

STRAWBERRY BLONDE Blond with reddish tones

DARK BROWN lush, velvety Dark Brown is beautiful on very dark hair, a bit softer than Rich Black

GOLDEN BLONDE a real warm Blond shade.

COPPER vibrant, glamorous

MEDIUM ASH BROWN Medium Brown with ash tones

AUBURN a rich, beautiful deep shade

MEDIUM GOLDEN BROWN Medium Brown with golden tones

RICH BLACK a luxurious, natural-looking Black

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