What is QuickTint?

QuickTint is a waterproof, instant hair root touch-up. It covers your roots until you can get to your next hair color appointment.

How long does QuickTint last?

QuickTint is temporary, but can last through
one or several shampoos.

Will QuickTint rub off or flake?

QuickTint won’t flake or rub off. Its exclusive, patended technology makes it bond to the hair.

Will QuickTint come off in the rain? What if I go swimming?

QuickTint is a waterproof, so you can jump in that pool, or enjoy a walk in the rain. It won’t budge!

What about doing sports?

Even heavy perspiration will not make QuickTint drip or rub off on towels. You can play sports with confidence.

What if my QuickTint color doesn’t exactly match my hair? Will it show?

Natural hair has many color variations. You don’t need to have an exact match. Just apply the shade closest to your hair color, and it will magically blend in.

Can I color my hair over QuickTint?

QuickTint should be removed before coloring your hair.

How do I remove QuickTint?

QuickTint can be removed with any oil (we like olive oil) followed by shampoo.

What if I get QuickTint on my skin?

QuickTint can be removed from skin with eye make-up remover, or any oil. Make-Up wipes work well too.

Can I brush my hair after using QuickTint?

If you apply QuickTint to wet hair, you can blow-dry it and/or style as usual. If you apply QuickTint to dry hair, you can brush it after just 30 – 40 seconds.

Can I use styling products when I use QuickTint?

Ideally, styling products can be used as usual 30 – 40 seconds after applying QuickTint. If your hair has already been styled, QuickTint may be applied over the styling products.

What if I have dark roots?

QuickTint works best on white or mixed-color roots, but will help blend in dark roots if they are short
(less than 2 month’s growth).

Can I use QuickTint on my eyebrows?

Yes. All QuickTint colors are approved for use around the eyes, so it can be used on the eyebrows. QuickTint should not be used on eyelashes.

How long does a QuickTint pen last?

Since you use very little at a time, it usually lasts for six months or more. It’s important, however, to clean the brush after every use.

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