For Men

QuickTint is great for men, too!

For many men, especially executives, it’s crucial that nobody knows that they color their hair. That’s why it’s especially important for them to be prepared at all times. White roots can peek through at the most unexpected times (just before a meeting, after just a few days on vacation…) Yikes! That can be embarrassing!

No problem with QuickTint

QuickTint is no bigger than a pen. You can carry it around for emergencies wherever you go! Simply apply very little QuickTint to the small comb, and comb through those tell-tale roots. Nobody will be the wiser! For facial hair (beard, mustache, even eyebrows), apply (again, very little) QuickTint to the small comb and comb through facial hair.

Salt and pepper hair

Salt and pepper hair looks great on men, but sometimes a little more pepper and a little less salt can make you look younger, more vibrant. Simply apply a very little Medium Ash Brown or Dark Brown QuickTint to the small comb, and comb through selected strands where you would like your hair to appear darker. Doing very small strands works best.

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