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How to Use

QuickTint Package When to use QuickTint Professional Hair Coloring Products
Between regular color applications, whenever your roots begin to show. QuickTint instantly covers your roots wherever you can see them; at the hairline, your part, or where the color fades at the temples.

What roots?
White roots have a nasty habit of suddenly peeking through at the worst times, like just before an important meeting, or the morning of a big party. No problem! Just whip out QuickTint and paint away those roots! You can even do it in the Ladies' Room; it's that quick and easy to color any color roots!

QuickTint is a must-have when you travel, or at the beach. No bigger that a lip gloss, QuickTint fits right in your purse.

QuickTint Professional Hair Coloring Products are great for men too!

White and gray roots can peek through at the most unexpected times (just before a meeting, after just a few days on vacation...) Yikes! That can be embarrassing! No problem with QuickTint. QuickTint is no bigger than a pen. You can carry it around for emergencies wherever you go! Simply apply very little QuickTint to the small comb, and comb through those tell-tale roots. Instantly gray and other color roots are gone. Nobody will be the wiser! For facial hair (beard, mustache, even eyebrows), apply (again, very little) QuickTint to the small comb and comb through facial hair to hide those unsightly roots.

How to use QuickTint
QuickTint comes in a convenient "click-pen" applicator. Simply twist the end of the pen to load the brush with color, then apply the product sparingly to the roots wherever they are most visible, at your hairline, in your part, or at the temples (fading), and comb through with the small comb/brush supplied. A little goes a long way. Style as usual. You can apply QuickTint to dry hair or wet hair.

Preferred method Alternately, QuickTint can be applied to the small comb supplied, and then combed through the roots. This method works best for some. Both methods are quick and easy and water resistant method to any color roots instantly.

Salt & Pepper hair looks great, but sometimes a little more pepper and a bit less salt can make you look younger, more vibrant. Simply apply a little darker QuickTint to the small comb, and comb through selected strands, creating "lowlights". Doing very small strands works best.

Parting QuickTint Application Tips
For best results use very little product at a time, and add more as needed. You must comb it through! Even if you apply QuickTint from the pen directly to the hair. As this is what makes the product adhere to the hair shaft.

Wet hair or dry hair. It's up to you! Some people find it easier to apply QuickTint to wet hair, but you can apply it to dry hair, before or after you style it to create professional, instant color to your hair.

Lift hair from roots. Lifting hair from the roots when applying QuickTint will avoid getting any color on the scalp or forehead. If color does get on skin, simply remove with eye make-up remover, or Mineral Oil.

Clean the brush after every use with eye make-up remover or Mineral Oil (wipes work well too). This will keep your QuickTint working perfectly. If the brush does get stiff after a period of non-use, clean with Mineral Oil or a make up remover wipe.