When You Use It

Use Quicktint between regular color applications, whenever your roots begin to show (usually after 3 weeks – for some, after just one week!). Instantly cover your roots wherever they are visible: at your hairline, your part, or where the color fades at the temples.


Unless you’re a movie star, or you’re lucky enough to have your hair colored every week, your roots are going to show! Moreover, after even just a few days, many experiences fading at the temples. It makes you look dull, dull, dull!

Whether you’re an executive or a busy mom, you can’t always run to the colorist every time your roots start showing, but you hate it when they start peeking through. What to do? NO PROBLEM! Just whip out your QuickTint, comb through, and Presto! No more roots! Nobody even has to know you have …er,… those!
In just a few seconds, you can keep your color looking perfect until you can get to your next color appointment.

Great when you travel! If you’re going on a trip for more than a few days, chances are your roots will start showing before you get back home and in to see your colorist. Quicktint is no bigger than a lipstick, and fits right in your purse. You can even hide your roots secretly in the bathroom! Nobody has to know!

At the beach, the sun and salt water feel wonderful, but they can sure make your hair look dull and faded. Not anymore! With Quicktint, you can keep your clothing wrinkle-free!

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