Who We Are

QuickTint is the result of the collaboration or two respected beauty experts, Rita Starnella and Corrado di Genova. They recognized an important need in the marketplace and used their combined talent, knowledge and experience to develop this optimal product.

Rita Starnella

is a very talented, highly-regarded colorist on Madison Avenue, in New York City. Rita has worked in the Vidal Sasoon Salon in San Fransisco, has been a head colorist at Louis Licari in New York City, and became Color Director at Kim Lepine (also in New York City). She was the key person in the development of hair product lines for LaCoupe and Kim Lepine. Her editorials have appeared in Vogue, Bazaar, Allure, Town and Country, Self, Seventeen, New York Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s World, Family Circle, and many others.

Corrado di Genova

is one of the most respected voices in the Beauty Industry, consulting for such companies as Christian Dior, Prescriptive International, Prestige Cosmetics, Graham Webb, Neutrogena, and others. His most recent achievements have included the development of the complete cosmetic lines for Neutrogena, Graham Webb (their Bibo line is sold exclusively through beauty salons), and Prestige Cosmetics, which is successfully sold on five continents.

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